So Much To Say…So Little Time

That is, so little time left here at the library. Hopefully, I will have years and years in front of me before I kick off! Today is the six month anniversary of when I had my stroke, so I figured an update would be a good thing.

Oh, and speaking of stuff, the laptop that my daughter brought over was truly dead, Jim. They grabbed its wallet and tricorder, then gave it the finaly blessing. Actually, I am happy that my daughter was able to get all of her pictures off of it before it went into its death throes. And speaking of computers, my other computer is still at the geek’s house. If it hasn’t come back by the end of this weekend, I will ask for it back, and take it to someone else who will do the job quickly and efficiently.

Yes, it has been a long time since my last post, thank you for noticing. I ended up not going to the swap meet for two weekends in a row, and honestly, for most of the month of February, I was pretty much out of it. Turns out that I may have been suffering from a bug, because I am feeling pretty good these days.

I did forget to take my meds on both Friday AND Saturday, something which had never happened before. Strangely though, I was walking better, I lasted longer at the swap meet, and I actually DANCED on both nights! Without holding anyone’s hands!

I knew that the meds were affecting me a bit, but I had no idea that they were affecting me THAT much

3 Responses to “So Much To Say…So Little Time”

  1. kathy Says:

    Wow! 6 months already? May you have many, healthy years ahead of you!

  2. twisterjester Says:

    Welcome back, short or not! Glad, too, to hear you’re feeling better. Some kind of bug has definitely been going around here too. And here’s hoping soon you’ll ALSO have the luxury of an Internet connection again.

  3. Nilliem Says:

    Meds are truly a double-edged sword. They cut through the crap, but sometimes…they cut too deep. Here’s to dancing!!

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